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I've struck a problem. I'm using MP3::Mplib and interactively it works just fine and dandy, however via a browser, it doesnt. It will read the info from the MP3, but not write to it, nor return any error.

I'm using apache, the u/g is nobody:nobody, the file is nobody:nobody, i've even set the perms to 777 all the way down the tree, still nothing.

The docs mention a true value on success, and that is certainly true if i check $mp3->error, infact the output is a hash ref with {album => 2}

I'm at a bit of a loss, and if anyone can shed a bit of light, i'd be greatful.

sub write_tag { my $self = shift; my %args = @_; my $mp3 = MP3::Mplib->new($args{mp3}) || return "Unable to update +$args{mp3}: $!"; my @mp3ary = split('/', $args{mp3}); $mp3->set_v1tag({ year => $args{year} , artist => $args{artist}, album => $args{album} , genre => $args{genre} , title => pop @mp3ary , }, &ISO_8859_1); my $v1tag = $mp3->get_v1tag; return $v1tag; }

PS, yes i am aware of all the things involved with interacting with the FS via HTTP.

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