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Even better: Since I have no need to send something to eval from my domain, I will put all the code to execute in the Makefile.PL avoiding any "insane suspect".

I need just to check the version number, so I think that something like this could be ok:

; my $dist = 'CGI::Builder'; ; my $vers = 1.21 ; ; my $LWP_installed = eval {require LWP::Simple} ; ; if ( $LWP_installed ) { my $current_vers = LWP::Simple::get ( "" . "?DISTRIBUTION=$dist&VERSION=$vers&PERL=$]-$^O +" ) ; if ( $current_vers > $vers ) { print 'This is an OLD VERSION! ... bla, bla ' } else { print 'Version OK ... bla, bla' } }

If there are no objection, I will change all my Makefile.PL with that code in the next version.
(I will update all my new distribution in a day or so).


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