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This one's got me a bit stumped: I'd like to do something like the following:
while(<>) { ($a, $b, $c, $d) =~ /(...)(...)(...)(...)/; $hash{$a}{$b}{$c}{$d}++; }
basically, splitting the line into 3 character chunks and placing them into a multi dimensional hash... however the line could be of arbitrary length, and I'd want to capture all the 3 character sequences (thus the hash could look like: $hash{$a}{$b}{$c}{$d}{$e}{$f}++ or just $hash{$a}++ ) Conversely, how would I read such a datastructure? i.e. if I know the depth of the hash, I can write:
foreach $key (keys %hash) { foreach $key1 (keys %{$hash{$key}}) { foreach $key2 (keys %{$hash{$key}{$key1}}) { # do something } } }
But I do not know the depth of the hash.