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The thread gives hint as to the who, what and why.
If it's just a "flash card" thing, why are you so mysterious? Is it that you want to profit from something you are not ready to reveal? If so, you are being dishonest in getting others to do work for you under the guise of something else. I don't understand why you are concealing your aims. If you really want help, ask for what you want, and tell what you are doing. If you are trying to get help for a professional application, well, you need to be upfront with that.

Information (especially knowledge on complex AI problems) deserves to be free, especially when others are seeking help. Your silly alluding to "this guy" and "this guy's arbitrary requirements" does not help your cause. Sounds like you want some sample code or direction to generate some "flash card software" as i read it now, and "this guy" doesn't have very competent employees to do it.

The guy wishes to avoid esoteric concepts beyond the grasp".
That's like telling me to wash your car without using any water. And, by any chance, is ... "this guy", in fact, you? And you don't understand "esoteric concepts". We can't spoonfeed "this guy". Some of those esoteric concepts are domain knowledge, and are very much a part of the problem space.

The term "AI" is defined as 'anything that hasn't yet been demonstrated as feasible for a computer programmer'

Totally bogus. You're (I mean, "this guy is") just unwilling to read the source material and read up on NLP, expert systems, neural nets, genetic algorithms, and the varoius advanced areas of computer science. Quit being a "what can I pick up off the shelf" drone, buy some books, and start learning for a change. It will do you a world of good.