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A while back I implemented a set of patches that have (unfortunately) caused some friction with the gods. Part of this set of patches was a solution to the very problem you are discussing. I called it "Titlebar Settings" and it was designed specifically to allow users to cause such special links to appear with the normal title bar links, and to allow them to modify the order, presentation, and styling of the links ina variety of easy to use ways. In addition users could provide arbitrary HTML to go up there as they liked.

Alas, the gods dont seem to want this feature for themselves and as such apparently won't be applying the patch. I was asked to dumb it down by removing various features. I have up until now declined.

So the fact of the matter is that code to provide the functionality you want is written and gathering digital dust as we speak. Were a god to be so inclined it would be a matter of a handful of clicks and we all could have full control over the links in the titlebar.

Personally my view is that its sad that the gods and the pmdevils appear to be following Fords motto: "you can have any colour you like so long as its the colour I like." Id rather them say "you can have any feature you can write so long as it doesn't impact the overall site experience."


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