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Being a non-native English speaker, all programming terminology is a foreign language in itself to me. But, OTOH, I remember all English words as a combination of images and letters. Actually, I remember words in any language that way (I also speak French and Spanish). I know that this looks like a terrible waste of storage, but when I speak I am actually recalling the word in my mind before speaking up. Therefore, since speaking code is mostly an exercise of speaking to myself, I don't go beyond the point of depicting the word in my mind, and I can't honestly say what sound I am associating to these concepts.

There are a few symbols, however, that have a special meaning to me. Long before I touched a computer, I learned to read chess games. Thus, your "#" is a checkmate to me, while "+" is check, "++" is double check, "!" is a strong move, "?" is a weak move, and "+=" means white has a slight advantage.

(See a more detailed list of symbols in chess notation.)

Now if anybody had the feeling that geeks are indeed strange fellows, this thread will reinforce such idea considerably. :)

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