In the time since served it's first article, and hopefully exceeded vrooms hopes for a successful website (or worst nightmare...), has evolved to a enjoyable community of characters, replete with wizards, goddesses, regexp genuises, armed programmers, irritable sysadmins, masters of trivia, and camel jockeys.

What this also represents is a phenominal resource of non-Perl knowledge also. While the idea of creating new sections has usually been frowned on in the past (and of course, I can't find any links to any relevant articles, so I'll have to trust my faulty memory), I'd like to propose a new section, General Stuff (Well, OK, it needs a better title...)

This section would be for non-Perl questions, be non-votable, and would NOT support posts from Anonymous Monks. I imagine it as a place where someone (like me, at the moment) can post a question about DNS ('cause I know Ozymandias knows the answer!) problems.

Along that vein, I've been programming micro controllers for 14^wmany years, and I know that j.a.p.h. has just bought a PIC (it's a microprocessor) kit. I'm more than willing to answer questions in that arena, which is something I know a little about.

I think y'all get the idea. We've got far too much brain power out here to let it go to waste, but I also don't want to pollute the Perl-space of with off-topic posts in the main sections, or cause the site to lose it's Perl-centricity.



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