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"Al Gore scares me silly, because you wonder why he lies or distorts the truth, then acts surprised when someone calls him on it."

OK, can you prove that Gore said something untruthful in the debates? Moreover, can you name an instance in which Bush called Gore on anything beside "Washington style fuzzy math"?

Each time that Gore named a figure, Bush would respond with either a personal attack, or he would call Gore's numbers "fuzzy". Not once did Bush provide statistics or any other form of verifiable proof that Gore was lying, bending the truth, or misrepresenting himself.

Gore also ACTUALLY ANSWERED QUESTIONS, something that Bush didn't think was neccessary. Bush just stood there and stuttered, repeating the same hackneyed phrases over and over.

Besides, I would rather have a boring president, than a president that says thing like, "...a school that works with at-risk children (that basically means that they can't learn)."