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Based on your comments, and wanting to explore/ ABUSE an idea, I came up with the following:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; local $\ = '-' x 40 . "\n"; eval { my $test = CGI::thisFunctionDoesNotExist() }; print $@; eval { my $test = thisFunctionDoesNotExist CGI() }; print $@; eval { my $test3 = new Some::Package::That::Doesnt::Exist() }; print $@; # A function that does not exist in main:: functionThatDoesntExist('test'); exit; sub UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD { my $method = $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD; # So that we have the Carp methods without # cluttering up our UNIVERSAL namespace use Carp (); # First, if they are in the main namespace, # Fail, since we don't have a package to load if ($method =~ /^main::/) { Carp::croak("AUTOLOAD failed: $method"); } # Else, split the name into package and method names my @methodParts = split('::', $method); my $methodName = pop(@methodParts); my $package = join('::', @methodParts); # Now, load the package. # Die if it fails eval "use $package"; Carp::confess($@) if ($@); # If you made it here, do standard autoload stuff # Check which form of method call this is # This will catch the packageName::methodName format # The methodName packageName format is already good if ($_[0] ne $package) { unshift @_, $package; }; no strict; # the goto call will pass along @_ transparently goto &$method; };

This is an example run:

~johannz >./
Undefined subroutine CGI::thisFunctionDoesNotExist
Undefined subroutine CGI::thisFunctionDoesNotExist
Can't locate Some/Package/That/Doesnt/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/bin/perl/lib/ .) at (eval 3) line 2.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 3) line 2.
        UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD('Some::Package::That::Doesnt::Exist') called at ./ line 11
        eval {...} called at ./ line 11
AUTOLOAD failed: main::functionThatDoesntExist at ./ line 27
        UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD('test') called at ./ line 15

I would never allow this code past a code review, but it does allow you to make method calls dynamically. Never again will you need to use the EVIL 'use' statement. Down with Clarity, Up with Obfuscation!!!

Note: This whole thing is an example of how perl gives you enough rope to hang yourself. I wanted to explore the possibilities of the what the UNIVERSAL class and AUTOLOAD methods make possible. Indigo was part of the inspiration for this during a talk over the cube walls