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On my business card, I list myself as General Manager, because, after all, I generally manage. {grin}

In seriousness, I chose this title because when I had just started my consulting firm 17 years ago, I attended a "consultant's consultant" one-day seminar. At the seminar, they warned against "one man shops" (such as me) from listing "President" or "CEO" on their business card.

The reasoning? If you were talking to a random shmo on the street, and they handed you a card that said "President of XYZ company", your first thought is "he's the only guy there". But if they handed you a card that says "Director of X division" or even a moderate title of "General Manager" like mine, you think "OK, there's people above him, and probably people below him". Instant company size! Also, it means he's a decision maker, but only to a certain extent, so he might need to get approval.

And I've used that title ever since. I'm a decision maker, but there are "people" I must go see if a decision exceeds certain thresholds. In reality, it just gives me more time to think about decisions.

Now you know my ugly secret. {grin} Officially, I am CEO of Stonehenge Inc, as well as the sole board member, but on my card, I'm still just the "General Manager".

-- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker
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