I noticed in the chatterbox this morning that a new user had incorrectly posted a SOPW type question to the Q & A area. His/her error was noted, and an editor request was made to remove the offending node. As I write this, there's still quite a debate in the chatterbox about why people can't seem to figure out where to post. Even though it's second nature for those of us who have been around for a while, it's not intuitive at all for a new user. Therefore, in light of all of the posts lately saying "we need to change this," or "this needs to be made better", here's my take.
My solution involves what is basically a nag screen for newly created users. Somewhere between the creating a username and being allowed to post stage, a page should be displayed to the user with an abbreviated FAQ about what the PM sections are, how to use CODE tags, etc. What would really be nice is if for new users this could be set up to be part of their personal nodelet right off the bat.
This idea could be extended to AM postings, as well. Before an AM could post a question, he/she would have to click through a page detailing how to post, and where to post what questions.
I'm certain that this approach would not eliminate all wrong-area postings, or forgotten CODE tags, but it might be enough of a reminder for most people.

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