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Monks, I am reading a file looking for a specific flagged line. Sample 1 will loop through the entire file never activating the IF() statement. I fixed with sample 2 which stops reading the file at line 4 "testpoint\n". I do not understand why sample 1 doesn't work. I tried several variations including using chomp() . Am I missing something simple like a white space char?
sample 1: while(<FILE>) { if($_ eq "testpoint\n") { last; } } sample 2: while(<FILE>) { if(/testpoint/) { last; } } File contents being read: <begin file> This is a test file data at the front of file more test data testpoint data after the test Last line <end of file>

*note: fixed typo eg => eq happened while simplifying example
also fixed the ? => " happened when cutting a pasting from open office