The Code Review Ladder site has been around since September 2003, but really hasn't recieved much attention. I found a total of 3 replies in Super Search that mentioned it. Considering the frequency people ask to have their code reviewed, it seems like the site should be a lot more active than it is.

The site, set up by Simon Cozens, is "for posting and reviewing Perl code for style, efficiency, and so on". While intending to improve the quality of code on CPAN prior to uploading new modules, all code is welcome for review. There are only two simple rules:

Being a member of the list myself, I can attest to quality of the feedback. I am not trying to discourage people from asking for code review here at the Monastery, but here we are an all inclusive dumping ground where the list is specifically for code review. Please consider using the list to request code reviews even if you cross-post here or on other forums.

Cheers - L~R

Italicized text from the code review ladder web site.