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Dear monks, so sorry to disturby but i need help I am currently developing a proxy server all in perl and I have tested it and seems to be greate. But there is a problem, I want to meke it run as a daemon service I a Red hat Linux system but I dont know how. The proxy handls its own multi threading and spawns a new instance each time a new connection is made to it. I tried using xinetd superserver to start it but I keep getting this error messagees

04/7/14@19:55:56: DEBUG: 3298 {main_loop} select returned 1
04/7/14@19:55:56: DEBUG: 3298 {server_start} Starting service webcache
04/7/14@19:55:56: DEBUG: 3313 {exec_server} duping 7
04/7/14@19:55:56: DEBUG: 3298 {main_loop} active_services = 1
04/7/14@19:55:57: DEBUG: 3298 {main_loop} active_services = 1
04/7/14@19:55:57: DEBUG: 3298 {main_loop} select returned 1
04/7/14@19:55:57: DEBUG: 3298 {check_pipe} Got signal 17 (Child exited)
04/7/14@19:55:57: DEBUG: 3298 {child_exit} waitpid returned

really i would like it to be started ad a daemon program when booting the system, i.e, I get to initialize it in the /etc/rc... directories. pleasse can you provide me with a solution. thanks