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Ive raised this a few levels up from where it originated so more monks subscribe...

What to do:

  1. Find out your Latitude and Longitude
  2. Put the correct HTML comment in your homenode
  3. Check the significant update box
  4. Wait a day for the stats site to parse the page
  5. Go have a look
  1. Find out :
    If you're not sure of your latitude and longitude, use MapBlast to locate yourself.

    It's a pretty decent interface, and you can get near yourself by starting with your ZipCode, or select your country if your non-U.S. Be sure to click the lat/long display in the upper left corner of the map to display the correct format lat/long. The correct format will have a small degree symbol to the right of the first number in both the latitude and longitude.

  2. Put in the comment :
    All you have to do is put a HTML comment of the following format in your home node. The HTML comment can be anywhere you like in the text, EXCEPT embedded in another HTML comment.

    <!-- Location:latitude=DDD.MM.SS,longitude=-DDD.MM.SS-->

    The format MUST be [sign]DDD.MM.SS, where :

    • DDD=degrees (000-179)
    • MM=minutes (00-59)
    • SS=seconds (00-59)

    North latitudes use positive numbers, South latitudes use negative numbers.
    East longitudes are positive, West longitudes are negative.

  3. Check the significant update checkbox on your homenode :

  4. Wait....
    The 'bot will only scan homenodes that appear in that list. This will minimize the server load, and will be checked once a day. If you remove the comment and set the checkbox, jcwren will delete your entry from the database, so you can literally vanish from the face of the earth.

  5. Viewable at jcwren's Perl Monks Stat Page