Just want to expose a little about how Perlmonks is managed. This is from CB, after people spent a good amount of time criticizing me and my script:

<Wassercrats> How could you still be criticizing Varstructor after I totally debunked the global variable myth in more than one thread? How could you say I'M the troll after people like sporty call me an idiot, and people like diotalevi say my script is insecure?

<Wassercrats> FOR NO REASON!

<Sidhekin> Think "comedian", folks.</tip>

<Wassercrats> And I almost never voted, yet others downvote posts of mine FOR NO REASON!

<Petruchio> If you persist like this, you will be borged. You may consider this fair or unfair, as you please.

<Wassercrats> FU P

<castaway> oooh, can I?

NodeReaper has swallowed Wassercrats. NodeReaper gets indigestion.