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Hi everyone!

I have this script that I wrote and I need some comments on it. I want to clean (delete) old files in the temp directory and it seems to work on my local machine but when I run it on a test server (as administrator) I'll get errors on files were not found (I believe it's File::Find) but if I do a windoze search I can't find the files either (folder options set to view EVERYTHING) I'm also wondering which way would be the CORRECT way to actually delete the files on windoze and how can I get around the files not found?
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use File::Find; use File::stat; use Time::localtime; my $NodeName = Win32::NodeName(); my $path = ("C:\\TEMP\\"); my $LogDir = ("C:\\LOGS\\"); # log folder #date and time &TimeStamp; sub TimeStamp { my $tm = localtime; my $Date = sprintf ("%02d_%02d_%04d", $tm->mon+1, $tm->mday, $tm-> +year+1900); my $Log = $Date."_".$NodeName.".txt"; open(LOG,">>$LogDir\\$Log") || die " can't open $Log fo +r writing: $!"; find (\&unwanted, $path); } sub unwanted { # Change the age to desired days past to delete my $age = 1; my $atime = int(-A _); my $mod_time = int(-M _); if (!(/^\./) && $mod_time > $age && $atime > $age) { print LOG "going to delete these! $_ modified days old -->$mo +d_time\n"; #system ("del $_ /Q"); #unlink($_); }else{ print LOG "KEEPING $_ access days old ---> $atime\n"; } } # END