in reply to Win32 Hosting companies not supporting Perl

This isn't really one for me. Yes I would benefit, as woud everyone who makes cgi scripts that run on Win32.

The solution would seem unbelievably simple.

Have a new windows environment variable - PerlTimeout. Set this to something like 60. By default Perl.exe launches all perl scripts with the Alarm function set to the PerlTimeout value. If a sript needs longer then the programmer can be careful and use Alarm again to a new number.
Newbies are always going to go straight into program loops without looking up Alarm first. I haven't seem a guide yet that tell you to use Alarm from the start. The functionality to fix this problem has been in Perl from the start, they just need to implement by default.

The last reply I got from ActiveState was this:-
Hi Lyle,
I'm saying that you should feel free to contribute to the Perl project, and that is the strength of an open source solution like Perl, that if someone such as yourself has a specific problem they need solved they are empowered to do something about it.

Please consider ActiveState's role in this equation, however. We provide a free Perl distribution as well as technical support for installation and configuration issues. While we do take many ActivePerl bug reports and forward them on to P5P, as a Perl user you are always going to have more traction reporting serious defects in Perl by using perlbug and engaging in the community process.

best regards,
Jeff Griffiths, Technical Support ActiveState, a division of Sophos