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I'm a biologist-turned-informatics guy currently working as a bioinformatician in Cambridge (UK). Interests include immunology, statistics, databases, ontologies, workflows, integration, all those catchy buzzwords (update this list with as many *omics terms as you desire). In my spare time I maintain the MAGE-TAB Utilities project, and in my slightly-less-spare time I work on the ClinStudyWeb project.

Below is a rather out-of-date listing of various nodes I've found around the monastery over the years. There are many more lurking in my personal nodelet, and one day they will be freed to roam over these wild plains...

Handy Snippets

Code ideas I've found useful.

Enlightening Nodes

Best practices and HOWTOs.

Other PM Nodes

A selection of nodes, in no particular order, culled from my personal nodelet over the years.

External Links

Non-PM pages.