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A colleague at work needs a simple job managment tool. He wants a dead simple web interface, and the ability to create a job/task, edit it, and search for it, and not much else.

Something like RT is far too complex, I'm looking for something much simpler. My options are to find something, or build a simple web front end round SQLite (or similar) and TT2.

I've done a quick search round CPAN, and here, but most references to task/job are to CPU process, and ToDos refer to things to do in a module...

I'd naturally prefer a Perl solution, just so I have a better chance at understanding it, but it must run on Apache/Linux and allow my colleage to do fancy eye-candy messing with the front end.

I'm quite happy to build something custom for him, but If there is something that can provide the job managment already I'd be very happy to use it first rather than build by own wheel, or use it as the wheel for my own small application.

Any ideas or suggestions?