So I'm in my webtech class and rather than listening to the lecture on XML I thought I'd write a Perl script to poll CNN and find out who was ahead and by how much.

Sample output would be "Bush beating Gore by 1750 votes" or vice versa. I supposed there should be a "Bush and Gore tied" message just in case.

Your challenge write the code to do output those types of messages with the fewest characters in Perl

Additional points given for logging it to a permanent data source and e-mailing all the people in a comma-delimited list when the results shift. The list should be accessed from a file.

I'm feeling generous so the person who completes the most of these features in the fewest characters of Perl wins a free PM t-shirt courtesty of me. Deadline is 7:00pm November 7, EST. So you've got about two hours and forty minutes.

LWP and MAIL modules can be used or you can use lynx or connect directly to sendmail. The message text should just be the output of the program

Update: I mean November 8th... or maybe I'm just evil and really don't want to give anyone a free t-shirt

Update: today is not Thursday so the votes prolly won't be tallied until end of business hours on Thursday so the deadline will now be Nov. 9th at 2:00pm EST

Update: I should have decided on the winner by sometime on Monday

Update: I was torn between giving the prize to amelinda and chromatic so I think I'll send each of you one

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