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How to go about using Email via Perl to append to a changelog.txt, html or .xls file? The situation, we have a team of 12 people and have been tasked with updating a logfile when we make changes. Right now, despite my clever co-worker who knows Perl better than I, he has us manually opening a spreadsheet. Not surprisingly, very few people do this, and the log is useless. I've seen blogs that allow update via email, so I thought it would be faster (and a demonstration of the wisdom of the Perl Monks ) if I could find a script that would take the input of an email, read it, and append it to this text file. The file might also be HTML, or anything else. The process needs to get the content of the email, and post a time at the start of the log. I've found 2 possible scripts but they were 2 years old, and I felt sure there must be an easier way... Thanks!