From perusing jcwren's way-cool Perl Monks Stats, I've noticed that I can gain as much XP from voting in a day as rep of some daily best nodes.   This got me to thinking (yeah, I know - Danger, Will Robinson ;^)

I submit that it might benefit PM if the odds of gaining XP for voting decreased when a monk hit,say, Abbot(7) or Bishop(8).   Basically a logical extension to Monk(5) and higher not having the vote-out bonus.   My thought is that it would let me continue to apply my votes, but without feeling like I'm taking advantage of the system.   Of course, Perl guru monks could still easily reach higher levels from XP gained by their excellent posts.

Far-from-complete list of potential issues:

I'm not completely sold on the idea myself.   What do y'all think - is it a dumb idea, or might it have merit for vroom's consideration?
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