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I've poked around and read several articles, but haven't found an answer to this. If someone already knows of an article that explains what I need to do, just point me there.

I have an ISP who has requested that I write them a script to create a directory hierchy the first time a user logs in. I believe I can figure out how to actually issue all the commands, but he has pointed out that these commands all need to be executed as root.

So, with that said, how would you guys do the following:

WEB INTERFACEABLE FORM.. Enter User Name:____{USER}__________ ********* *SUBMIT* On the server side……. NEEDS TO EXICUTE AS ROOT!! Using the username as the variable value = {USER} **START** Cd /home/{USER} Mkdir www Cd www Mkdir htdocs Mkdir logs Cd .. Chown {USER}:nobody www –R Cd .. Chown {USER}:nobody {USER} **STOP**

Thanks in advance for your assistance.