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please let the author know why you did it (even if you have to do it anonymously). If you feel they were off-base, I'm sure they (and everyone reading their node) would appreciate knowing why, and knowing what alternatives they could take.

Actually, this touches on something that I'd like to see more of. The community is very good about letting exsting posts rest; that is, if a post seems to adequately cover the topic at hand, no one else feels it necessarily to jump in.

This is a good thing

It could also be a bad thing.

As has been noted, we have many collegues of varying levels of experience.

I would ask, as someone who still considers themselves as an apprentice in this black art, for the senior members to take a second look at threads. I've seen followups that I've voted up simply to see what the reputation was...and because I thought it was thought provoking, interesting, and a point well-raised. Sadly, I don't yet have the direct experience with perl to offer sound advice. I suspect the senior members of the Order have that experience and more.

After all, the evolution of a thread can be as illuminating as the answer that starts it.


P.S. Keep the faith...