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Alright, that's cool, but why didn't you post that to begin with? I immediately caught what you meant by "ethical", and I immediately saw what the program did. I can't possibly fathom why the node approver didn't see that.
As I already wrote, I thought in fact that it was self-explanatory. And (IMO) funny because of the sarcasm, and FWIW, not really malicious...
Anything suspected to be malicious does NOT go over well here.
was some innocent networking code. (This node wasn't deleted under the normal review process because I was pretty sarcastic in my consideration - I often forget that people here don't get sarcasm. It kind of sucks for you, the rep would have probably wouldn't have gone under a -5 if it had been reaped.
Well, as hinted above this is not really malicious. It's a kind of joke: of course this thing won't run forever. We only do want to see his reaction, but we do not want to do any harm to him: the sysadmins could have done much worse things, had they really wanted.

All in all I'm still astonished at the kind of feedback I got: indeed I'm used to think of a Perl-addict as a person with a great sense of humor, so it definitely surprises me that people don't get sarcasm here. Also because in other Perl-related contexts it seems to me that they definitely do: for example in clpmisc, where the sarcasm of some of the most resourceful regulars is often mistaken for harshness towards newbies...

Anyways, the quality of the code isn't too shabby. Lurk a bit, and don't try to imply that you're some sort of cracker next time, ok? :)
Indeed I will. However at the cost of being repetitive, I'd like to stress that it didn't seem to me so harmful after all. Well, definitely it isn't! And OTOH what's more important, I think it's fundamentally well written (although there's certainly room for improvements) but even more importantly it was a strong motivation for me to learn better about message handling and process management techniques.