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Hi davido!

First I have to say thanks for your effort!
I really like this one.

Just double checked:
Your module works fine at home under Linux.
At work (ActiveState v5.8.4 build 810 under WinXP) I had to add a leading slash to the node_id's in your module I was experimenting with to fetch a page.
Without the leading slash WWW::Mechanize is reporting 'Bad Request'.

First I thought it was your update to v0.6, but now at home again I can see that v0.5 also didn't have the slash.

So what am I talking about:
e.g. changed "?node_id=207304" to "/?node_id=207304"


Although I didn't test it at work, I assume adding a trailing slash to the variable our $SITE instead of adding a leading slash before all node_id's should also do the trick. If the trailing slash in $SITE doesn't work under WinXP I will report tomorrow.

After adding the slash in your module, this works now for WinXP and for Linux, though I don't know why it is behaving like that. Is it the platform or the Perl version?
Firefox/Mozilla adds this slash automatically if it isn't provided, IE6 doesn't care:


P.S.: At work I use Corion's 'trick' (Re: Re: Re: WWW::Mechanize and proxy with username/password) to set our company's proxy server:

$ENV{HTTP_PROXY} = 'http://username:password@proxyserver:port';

This works like a charm.

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