This node is related to the Catagorized Questions and Answers section (not to Seekers of Perl Wisdom).

The problem: Q&A Answers get posted to the Categorized Questions and Answers section, and they vary in quality. Some are right on target. Others end up getting a bunch of followup responses explaining why they're far from ideal.

The problem is compounded by virtue of the fact that while looking at a particular Q&A question along with its answers, you don't see that an answer has a followup. Thus, an unsuspecting inquisitor may not realize that (s)he is placing credance in an inferior "Answer".

What some people may not realize is that the answers are sorted from highest to lowest reputation. That, at least, is one way of understanding which answers the community sees as being the best. But that's not an ideal solution.

QandAEditors do their best to sort the wheat from the chaff, but there are some answers that slip through which haven't been fully sanitized. Again, replies to lower-quality Q&A Answers are not visible from the Q&A question/answer page, so people don't realize when an unsanitized question has followups.

The solution:

Well, I'm opening the solution up for discussion. I have a few ideas which may or may not work, and would like to hear what others think too:

As a QandAEditor, and part of pmdev, I'm interested in hearing if anyone has a brilliant idea on how to improve the quality of this section.