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when users are manually testing a web application , they have a spread sheet where they have the following columns (Testcase,Expected Result, Pass/Fail).
1. What is the best possible approach to use Http::Recorder to generate *a part of* the test case that will be written

For example the the test case might be Enter User ID "someid" and Password "your pass" in the login page of the Application and click on "Login" button.
Http::Recorder gets data like
$agent->form_name( "FORM_NAME" ); $agent->submit_form( form_name => "FORM_NAME", fields => { pass => 'secret', login => 'mkirank' }, );

Can we Generate some sort of sentence that can be used in the test case

2. Is it possible to Integrate Http::Recorder output with Win32::IE::Mechanize/ SAMIE to automate the testing (considering Javascript,frames ...) . Can you point me to some examples