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$database is a Win32::OLE object. $viewname is a string. The GetViews sub is expecting an object.

The Win32::OLE objects all seem to work the same way - they are hash references. Methods are implemented as perl methods, and properties are implemented as hash elements.

If you look at the GetViews sub in the sample script, you'll see it expects its parameter to be a hash reference (really, an OLE object) containing a Views key (i.e. property), and the value is an array reference to a list of hash references (Notes View objects). Each of these has a Name key (property) with a string value. The sub returns this list of strings

So by passing the folder string to GetViews, you're asking it to do "folder"->{Views}. This is the error.

I don't know the Notes object model, but I suggest you modify GetViews so it returns the view objects themselves, instead of the names. It's quite likely you will be able to call back into GetViews with a view object as a parameter.

On a general note, the ActiveState distribution contains a very useful OLE browser, which lists the the OLE APIs on your PC, and the objects, properties, methods and events they implement.

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