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Has anyone had any experience validating XSD (schema) files with XML::Validator::Schema? I can't seem to rid myself of an error when the mod parses the .xsd file.

Error is:
"Found <simpleType> illegally combined with <complexType>."

The .xsd file parses and validates fine under XMLSpy (Windows). I, unfortunately, can't alter the .xsd file as it was provided by a 3 party and serves as a template for their system requirements.

Below is the (simplified) code:

use XML::SAX::ExpatXS;
use XML::Validator::Schema;

my $xml_path = '/path/to/xml/document.xml';
my $xsd_path = '/path/to/schema/document.xsd';

my $xml_va = XML::Validator::Schema->new(file => $xsd_path);
my $parser = XML::SAX::ExpatXS->new(Handler => $xml_va);
eval { $parser->parse_uri($xml_path) };
die "File failed validation: $@" if $@;


Also, I can't seem to find alternate schema validation tools on CPAN. The schema tools I run into are used to create the .xsd which isn't an option currently.

Any help is appreciated.