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I am aware of the method suggested by gaal. I usually do not use it because I almost always wrap the regex up with an 'if'. Throw in a my function and it starts to get messy.
# Ugly to me... if (my ($this, $that, $some, $other) = $line =~ /(this).*(that).*(some +).*(other)/) { do_it(); }; # Better, I think... if ($line =~ /(this).*(that).*(some).*(other)/) { my ($this, $that, $some, $other) = ($1, $2, $3, $4); do_it(); }
This business doesn't DWYM:

my ( $this, $that, $some, $other, $foo, $bar, $baz ) = ( $1 .. $+ );
The magical string incrementer is summoned to build a list of strings starting with the first capture, ending with the last.