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Hi, Someone asked elsewhere, about how to get a progress indicator on a file upload. I am not talking about using a browser, but with something like LWP or libCurl.

There seems to be a way with libCurl,according to the docs, but I have yet to get anything to work. There are so many interrealted libcurl options, I've havn't been able to get it to put out the right headers for a multipart form file upload, and I'm not even close tothe file part.

With LWP, it's quite easy to do the upload with HTTP::Request::Common, but it does not have a way to do "chunked uploads" where we can extract progress from. By looking at the docs, there is some mention of $DYNAMIC_FILE_UPLOAD, but I've yet to see a snippet which works.

A search on this topic is filled with people failing with libCurl scripts(written in PhP), and nothing for LWP using $DYNAMIC_FILE_UPLOAD.

So does anyone have a minimal script, showing how to upload a file with either libCurl, or LWP, and have a progress callback of some sort? I am still working on it, but I'm to the point of guessing at options and headers, :-) so I figure it's time to ask.

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