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DBI::Shell looks like a cool idea. The manpage says that the module is very experimental, I'm just trying to get a sneak preview.

So, there's a bunch of 'shell' commands like connect, history, exit, etc., but when I start the shell via

    $ dbish

then I get a selection menu of all available DBI drivers. Selecting dbi:mysql gets me a selection of all available mysql databases. Selecting one of them drops me into the shell. However, this 'shell' doesn't understand the commands listed in the man page, but seems to accept SQL commands instead.

On the other hand, starting the shell via

    $ perl -MDBI::Shell -eshell

drops me into a different shell, showing a (not connected)> prompt. After typing in commands, it just returns to the prompt, though.

I must be overlooking something obvious -- has any of you DBI wizards gotten the shell to work and can give advice or (even better) point to a tutorial?