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Fellow monks,

I will soon have to argue at a meeting for the "pro" side of a migration from 5.005 to perl 5.8 , on a Solaris 6 server .

The "against migration" side have the following arguments :

  • You can't upgrade to 5.8 without an upgrade of the OS .
    I find this hard to believe.
    Can those of you who have done it before summarize (or give a reference document of) the install of perl 5.8 on a Solaris 6 platform ?
    Which of the available versions do you recommand and why ?

  • Company policy is to have only one version of the perl binary
    I think that this is uselessy downsizing the possibilities offered by Perl and Unix. But in fact this goes my way since "target" version is 5.8 .
    Speaking of that : does anyone know of a good document describing multiple perl installations with application or user specific private trees for libs and modules ?

  • Existing apps will break
    This is where i plan to propose to use 5.003 . I've never seen it used, and this here is production code .
    Does it 'just work' ?
    Does it impact performance ?
    Bonus question : how does the interpreter make it work , i mean, inside ?
    I'd like to say that this approach is "perl 6" compliant since having a use VERSION will also make it work with perl 6 : is that correct ?

    Thanks for your advice, i'll let you know if we win the case !