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I figured it out. I made an adjustment in the module, see the below code.
### Datestamp if desired: # ------------------------------------------------ my $Sec; my $Min; my $Hour; my $MDay; my $Mon; my $Year; my $WDay; my $YDay; my $IsDst; ($Sec,$Min,$Hour,$MDay,$Mon,$Year,$WDay,$YDay,$IsDst)=localtime(time); + # ------------------------------------------------ my $ds_wanted = $params{Datestamp}; my $ds_defaulted = ($is_top and !exists($params{Datestamp})); if (($ds_wanted or $ds_defaulted) and !exists($params{Date})) { my ($u_wdy, $u_mon, $u_mdy, $u_time, $u_y4) = split /\s+/, gmtime().""; ### should be non-locale-dependent $u_time = "$Hour:$Min:$Sec"; # now fix the time my $date = "$u_wdy, $u_mdy $u_mon $u_y4 $u_time UT"; $self->add("date", $date); }

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Re^3: MIME::Lite (format time)
by moot (Chaplain) on Mar 10, 2005 at 23:05 UTC
    Well, ok, but it strikes me that's a lot of work when all you have to do is adjust the timezone on the SMTP server. You'll probably find it's set to GMT/ UTC, where your client machine is set to GMT+5/ EST or something similar.