It is snowing out here and it will be the first snow that sticks to the ground, so right now I'm all smiling and giddy, christmas is here! Check your local library and see how many perl books they have. You'll probably be surprised at the out dated number of programming books they have in general.

At the library out here they have one lonely learning perl book stuck in with all the old pascal books and near the also lonely python book. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other libraries are the same.

For christmas this year get your library something special, pick up the newest perl programming book or the one you read the most and donate it to the library. With any luck the book will catch an inquisitive person's eye and they'll check it out. At the very least you will be giving somebody access to a book that they normally do not have.

I know it is a little early still for Christmas chatter, but if you're going to order that book online you've got to start thinking about it now ;). Don't forget that Perl books also make great stocking stuffers too!


I am composing an email to fatbrain and o'reilly to see if either of them would be interested in giving discounts for a program like this or in any other way giving us some form of support from kilinrax's suggestion. Maybe if merlyn is interested he could give us a person to contact at oreilly other than hehe...