Executing Mode : Spidering Others Files or Myself Code or perl -x
1.- Only code
2.- Pass other file
perl /bin/ls perl /bin/rm perl /bin/df perl perl "other file exe pdf img etc"
3.- Into the other file "inspired by OT Perl Code Embedded in an Image "
a.-Paste code into myfile.gif in the end b.-Next execute with: perl -x myfile.gif
Nota:The file format gif,png,pdf,avi,etc not is important.And finaly the obfuscated japh code .
.-Always Japh around the world
#!perl %h=(106=>[1], 117=>[2],115=>[3],116 =>[4,9],32=>[5,13,18], 97=>[6,20],110=>[7],111=>[8],104=>[10,19],101=>[11,15,23], 114=>[12,16,24],112=>[14],108=>[17],99=> [21],107=>[22],74 =>[1],85=>[2],83=>[3],84=>[4,9],32=> [5,13,18],65=>[6,20], 78=>[7],79=>[8],72=>[10,19],69=>[11,15,23],82=>[12,16,24], 80=>[14],76=>[17],67=>[21],75=>[22]);open _,($ARGV[0] ||$0 );while($u=<_>){@k=split //,$u ;for my $j(@k){print "\ec"; $_____=ord$j;$____=0;if($h{$_____}){my@______=@{$h{$_____} };$___[$_] =chr$_____ for@______;for(@___){$____++ if $_;} }print$_ for @___;last if $____==24;}}print ",\n";close _;