Item Description: Authors: Allison Randall, Dan Sugalski & Leopold Tötsch

Review Synopsis:

Although I would tend to agree with my fellow monks in that Perl 6 is still quite a distance off and we can only speculate on it's true final form; this book's title immediately caught my attention when passing by the computer section of Perl at my local bookstore.
Here is the book's layout:

I found that this book, in my opinion, to be true to its form; very well structured and organized. It's key strength is the use of concrete examples. The author(s) present a particular topic then show it is finitely utilized in relevant yet simple code example. They were even able to explain the Parrot assembly language into terms that I was able to begin to understand. Impressive.
Again, I realize that Perl 6 is certainly only in its early formative stages, without a doubt subject to lots of change; however, I must say that I enjoyed this book. It gave me finite insight into the possibilites of Perl6!. I am indeed looking forward to the Second Edition of this book.
Enjoy the Read!