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Hi Monks,

I think that my brain has reached its capacity and I need help for a algorithm I am not able to implement. It is very important!

I have to parse a xml file (model.xml). In this file, there is a nested repetitive motif. For instance,

<fixe> <aaa></aaa> <bbb></bbb> <bbb></bbb> <ccc></ccc> </fixe>

I mean in each element (<aaa></aaa>, <bbb></bbb>) I can find the same structure recursivly, without number limitation. (the name of <aaa></aaa> etc. element is random, only the <fixe> has a constant name).

<fixe> <aaa> <fixe> <eee/> <bbb/> <bbb/> <ccc> <fixe> <aaa/> <eee/> <bbb/> <fff/> <ccc/> </fixe> </ccc> </fixe> </aaa> <bbb/> <bbb/> <ccc/> </fixe><br />
I use DOM with the XML::LibXML API. The goal of my script is to remove the <fixe></fixe> elements and according to parameters (A number od dupplication and name of element) to dupplicate the node. for example, name = eee and number = 4, the xml would become.

<aaa> <eee/> <eee/> <eee/> <eee/> <bbb/> <bbb/> <ccc> <aaa/> <eee/> <eee/> <eee/> <eee/> <bbb/> <fff/> <ccc/> </ccc> </aaa> <bbb/> <bbb/> <ccc/>

I have done this script which remove the element "fixe"

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use XML::LibXML; my $parser = XML::LibXML->new(); my $doc = $parser->parse_file("model.xml") or die "cannot open xml fil +e: $!"; my $node = $doc->getDocumentElement(); my @dc = $child[0]->getElementsByTagName('descriptor'); foreach my $descr (@dc) { foreach my $elt ($descr->childNodes()) { next unless $elt->nodeType() == 1; #to avoid text + nodes $descr->addSibling($elt); } my $parent = $descr->parentNode; $parent->removeChild($descr); } print $child[0]->serialize;
for the duplication, I have tried to use the addSibling function with a foreach but I got an error, I try also the cloneNode and insertBefore function but no way...
Any help would be very appreciated.