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I was looking for ways to pass out-of-band parameters to the loop subroutines (preferably without requiring the users to make messy changes), and this idea of using named parameters in combination with a splatted list occurred to me.
#!/usr/bin/pugs use v6; #use Test; #plan 2; sub oob(+$x = $CALLER::_, *@lst) { return ($x,@lst); } sub runner() { $_ = "qqq"; oob("a","b","c"); } my ($x, @lst) = runner(); say "x = *$x* lst = *",~@lst,"*"; #is($x, 'qqq', '... default named parameter with $CALLER_ and a list', + :todo<bug>); #is(~@lst, 'a b c', '... list after default named parameter with $CALL +ER_', :todo<bug>);

What I actually got was:

x = *a* lst = *b c*
and not:
x = *qqq* lst = *a b c*

This was unexpected after seeing examples in E06, so it could be a bug test (with the Test stuff uncommented). Or I may be completely misunderstanding positional parameters.