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jhourcle, thanks for your reply.

The payment processor simply expects a form to be submitted with payment information. The client has asked that we verify some "Terms of Use", etc. before their customer remits payment. We are validating their 'acceptance' of the Terms with javascript but would like backend validation as well (for obvious reasons). As you would expect, the payment processor doesn't offer validation of non payment information on their system ... therefore I am left to validate these elements once the form is submitted but before the request is sent to the payment processor. After our validation is complete the information and the user need to be redirected to the payment processor's server to complete the transaction. I would like to transfer this info via POST instead of GET as would be the case if I attached the information to a redirect like so: $q->redirect('processor_server?info=foo&info2=bar').

If this is still unclear please let me know.

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