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FYI LWP::Simple can get and print with one command:
perl -MLWP::Simple -e "getprint ''"
Here's a webserver, from the IO::All docs:
perl -MIO::All -e 'io(":8080")->fork->accept->(sub { $_[0] < io(-x $1 +? "./$1 |" : $1) if /^GET \/(.*) / })'

perl -MO=Deparse -e"u j t S n a t o e h r , e p l r a h k c r e"

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Re^3: Favourite One-liners?
by mhacker (Sexton) on Jun 29, 2005 at 14:57 UTC
    One line web server? Way cool.

    A couple of years ago I went back to uni for a network communication class I failed once. After completing the lab assignment of writing a "time-of-day" server in C, I showed the lab instructor the equivalent perl code (one-liner). He thought it was pretty cool (I know, the lab goal is not the end result, but the methods you use to get there, but still..)

    Had I known about IO::All and one-line web servers at the time, I might have gotten extra points on the lab assignment :)