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Hi everyone, I'm trying to install CollinsParser on Perl. I have failed to install in some following ways:

1. By using "Perl Package Managager", I type: "install Lingua::CollinsParser" or "install Lingua-CollinsParser". Although the package is introduce on the web page: I received an error message informing that there is no such package.

2. I also tried to download the pageage, unzippe it and run the file "". Perl request the path to CollinsParser' dir. I typed correct ly and then, run the produced file "perl build". Perl require some .H files. I also copied it to the dir: "lib\Lingua" and run again. This time, perl informed error LNK2001 that i couldn't solved some external simbol like "hask_dump", "hash_dump"... Is there anyone can help me fix these problem to install CollinsParser in Perl?

Thank you for any help.