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I have recently stumbled upon the Catalyst web framework(offsite What first got me interested in it was this article about it at It looks to be a young MVC framework that is meant to solve a lot of the issues (I have at least) with Maypole, CGI::Application and OpenInteract. It seems to be the closest thing perl has to Ruby on Rails I have seen yet (AJAX, templates, quick prototyping, expandable API). I am wondering if this has caught other people's eye here at the monastery, and if so what do people think? I have written a few smaller apps with it and it looks to be way less painful to do apps that go beyond CRUD than the other web frameworks listed above. I guess I just want to get a feel for how much use it is getting right now (the documentation is pretty weak still as it is only a few months old). I don't want to dive into a new web framework only to see it dwindle and die a few months down the road. Also if you have tried it out, does it "feel" like a better model to you than the others listed above? That is really what won me over -- but I am not sure that I just have not given my mind enough time to wrap around what I consider limitations (mostly that they are geared towards CRUD, and anything more complex seems to start fighting the API) of the other frameworks I have tried.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks...


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