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Hi monks

I have another question regarding pattern matching.

I have a piece of html that I need to search through. The html looks like this:

<!-- Start_of_revision--> revision1 <!-- End_of_revision--> <!-- Start_of_revision--> revision2 <!-- End_of_revision--> <!-- Start_of_revision--> revision3 <!-- End_of_revision-->
What I need to do is find the three revisions between <!-- Start_of_revision--> and <!-- End_of_revision-->.

I am using the following bit of code to do this, but I am only printing "revision1" and not the second two:

my $file = $foo_bar_file; open (FILE,"<$file") || die $!; read FILE, my $text, -s $file; close(FILE); if($text =~ /<!--Start_of_revision-->(.*?)<!-- End_of_revision-->/ +sg) { print $1; }
I am slurping in the whole file, I am using .*? (i.e. non greedy), and I'm using the s and g modifiers. I thought that this would be enough to find all three occurrences of anything between <!-- Start_of_revision--> and <!-- End_of_revision-->, so what am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advance,