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this is a following up question of the own "mod_perl" implemenation-node. I already posted this question there (Re^2: own "mod_perl" implemenation) but i think i got lost.

As you can see, i want to do a little speed up for my web scripts.
I wrote two applications a NamedPipe Server and a NamedPipe Client. The WebServer just calls the NamedPipe client as it would call the perl binary to run a cgi-script. The Client than connects to the NamedPipe Server which holds a number of precompliled instances of the script. I feed one instance with the data just received from the client and redirect the output back to client. It's quite fast. I'm running a catalyst application which is really fast no compared to CGI mode.

But if the script's calls exit, or die, the whole pipe-server shuts down. I know how to override perl internals (see the other node) but i want to achive that calling exit, die, ... really ends the script but not pipe-server.
So how do i have to implement myexit? Any ideas?