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On the issue of learning Perl: It sounds like you have enough experience that you'll rapidly get beyond tutorials. I highly recommend that you get the entire O'Reilly series and keep them beside your computer: Learning Perl, Advanced Perl, Programming Perl, and Perl Cookbook. {gotta get Higher Order Perl myself!!!} I use almost every one just about every day.

Once you know how to program, and it sounds like you do, syntax is something you look up. While perldoc and the other on-line references are great if you know what you're looking for, there are times when a linear scan is necessary and books can't be beat (yet!).

Another thought on templating: it really depends on how well you know your web server and its configuration. You didn't say whether you're stuck with Doze or whether you're on a BSD or Linux box. I've been tweaking Apache since 1997, and it still took me several days to get everything the way I wanted it.