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Hello Monks,

this is so embarassing. I feel this is easy, but somehow I'm too stupid to achieve it. Needed is a subroutine, that will print letter/number indices of map quadrants. Depending on the level (zoom):

&idx(1); # will spill out: A1 B1 C1 D1 &idx(2); # will spill out A1A1 A1B1 A1C1 A1D1 # B1A1 B1B1 B1C1 B1D1 # C1A1 C1B1 C1C1 C1D1 # D1A1 D1B1 D1C1 D1D1 &idx(3); # should do A1A1A1 A1A1B1 A1A1C1 A1A1D1 # A1B1A1 A1B1B1 A1B1C1 A1B1D1 # etc.

Any means of doing this iteratively failed miserably, probably a recursive solution would be best, but somehow I'm failing to get a grip on the numbers:

$lvl can be anything from 1 to n, which results in 4**$lvl return values, each value consisting of $lvl <char><digit> numbers. As you probably figured out, chars are always [A-D] and digits [1-4].

This probably wouldn't be used for $lvl > 6, but you never know so I wanted to go for a generic solution.

Do you have any idea HowTo?

Thanks a lot,