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Actually, I don't use much of anything Damian writes, but it doesn't have to do with the code quality, really. Some people get excited about his cool hacks, but can't seperate his production-useful stuff from the cool proof-of-concept hacks. They end up using anything from TheDamian, and some of them shouldn't be used for anything that anyone else has to maintain (and that's just about everything). I pretend none of that stuff exists so I don't spread the word. It's cool stuff: I just don't want to ever maintain it.
The inability to accurately categorize and assess CPAN modules is a genuine problem that many people face. But refraining from all temptations just because a few of them are bad for you seems counterproductive.

So, in the hope that brian (and everyone else) will be better able to take advantage of my genuinely useful contributions without falling victim to my occasionally insanities, here's a categorized list of my current modules, with recommended dosages...

Damian modules you shouldn't use in production because they're intended to be jokes:

Damian modules you shouldn't use in production because their purpose is to explore and prototype future core language features:

Damian modules you shouldn't use in production because they've been superceded by better modules:

Special-purpose Damian modules that are useful for developing other modules or for solving difficult implementation problems, but which probably shouldn't be used directly in application code:

Damian modules that are specifically debugging and coding aids and which Damian uses himself during code development:

Damian modules that are generally safe, robust, and handy, and which Damian regularly uses in his own deployed code: